Musings on Jewish Education and Jewish Living

Today I read this: A Plea to Parents: Let Your Students Fail

While I occasionally “rescued” my kids by bringing them their forgotten lunch or homework – if I was still at home and therefore wasn’t a huge inconvenience or disruption to my work day – I was never a “fix it” mom. I tried hard to be sympathetic and help them process a poor grade or problem at school (“I can see you’re upset about this. What could you do next time to have a different outcome?”), more often than not, I heard my father’s words coming out of my mouth: “So what did you learn from this?” “Who got the other 2%, 10%, 40% (never!)?” “So what are you going to do about it?”

Not five minutes later, I saw this:


How do you respond to your children’s/spouse’s/significant other’s disappointment or failure? What do you think about the article and what lessons can we learn from it, even (especially?) for those of us who don’t have children in school?


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