Musings on Jewish Education and Jewish Living

Too often I reach the end of the day having not accomplished all (or anything, on some days) that I intended to do that day.  Perhaps there were lots of interruptions, perhaps I was too tired, perhaps I was just too lazy to get it done that day.

I always start with the best of intentions for what I hope to accomplish that day.  Sometimes I’m moderately successful, sometimes not at all.  But the intentions with which I start my day motivate me and hopefully keep me focused throughout my day.

So even though I find myself frustrated and upset with myself that I didn’t accomplish what I intended to do, I will continue to start each day with the best of intentions, and pray that this is the day/week/month/year I rise to the challenge.

Please join in the conversation, commenting on my posts, or sharing your own thoughts on the theme of the day as we prepare for the High Holy Day season.


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