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This past weekend was tax-free weekend in San Antonio.  Naturally, I had to do my part to boost the local economy, not to mention my wardrobe, while saving a few bucks on tax.  My practice has always been that whenever I acquire new clothes, I take inventory of what I have and what I don’t need, what I haven’t worn in a while and don’t intend to wear, that perhaps someone else can enjoy as I once did.  Three slack suits made their way into the Goodwill bag today.  Probably more to come.

Please join in the conversation, commenting on my posts, or sharing your own thoughts on the theme of the day as we prepare for the High Holy Day season.


Comments on: "#BlogElul – Day 2: Inventory" (1)

  1. I completely missed tax free shopping weekend because I, #1, can’t stand the crowds, and #2, I don’t like shopping! One can probably tell by my wardrobe, but frankly, I don’t really care. 🙂 Every now and then, one of my daughters makes me go shopping with her and picks out my clothes because I have no taste- haha! I do like the idea of cleaning out the closets and giving it away- something that I don’t do often enough, but you’ve inspired me, so Goodwill, here I come.

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